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Reviews of Boudoir Essentials

Waterproof Vibrating Body Scrunchie

This nylon mesh scrunchie from California Exotic Novelties appears, at first glance, to be a normal scrunchie. Its pastel pink plastic layers disguise a removable cylindrical micro-massager about two inches in length. This softcore scrunchie lightly vibrates at a single frequency with the turning dial situated at one end, requiring two hands to turn the device on and off. However, the scrunchie can easily be held in the palm of one hand if already set to vibrate. As the box advertises, the stimulator is waterproof, holding up well even when immersed.

"Screaming O" Vibrating Cock Ring

The "Screaming O" Vibrating Cock Ring seems like a great way to make safe sex fun. Disposable and designed to be used with a condom, the pink, jelly-like cock ring has a tiny vibrator that transmits decently powerful vibrations from the base of the phallus (penis or dildo—the packaging invites either option) to the vulva during penetration. While the vibe worked just fine, my partner found it too distracting to be much as much fun as it promised, claiming it detracted from the multiplicity of sensations he typically enjoys.

Sweet Snow Sensual Body Powder

The Honey of the Nymph Sweet Snow Sensual Body Powder is from the Shunga Erotic Art line. The word “shunga” commonly refers to Japanese erotic paintings from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. The company brochure says the collection was inspired by the sexual imagination and fantasy of such paintings.

Natural Contours' Superbe

Several years ago, when I first read that Candida Royalle was going to start making vibrators, I couldn’t wait to try one out for size. The price, however, kept me from making their acquaintance. With a list price now around $25, that problem has now been remedied, but a new one has taken its place. As with many a first time, I came away wishing it had been just a little bigger. Five inches long with a curve in the middle, the Superbe couldn’t reach both ends of my girly parts at the same time. This could have been sorted out, if I hadn’t been distracted by that NOISE!

Silk Touch Egg Vibe

Sea foam green and shaped like soft serve ice cream, this vibrator has five different settings that hum, pulse and beat little morse code pleasures. The tear drop control fits into the average palm perfectly, so there’s no awkward fumbling while trying to heighten the fun, unless (like me) you roll over the on/off switch while in the throes of pleasure.