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Reviews of Damned Dollies

Aviator Tee

When I first discovered this t-shirt, I was pleasantly surprised. I have to say, though, I was a little taken aback with the color. It is not something I would normally choose to wear. I usually go for more formal colors in whites, blacks and muted shades. I immediately put it on to test it for form, shape and length. It was marked a large, but it felt like a small to medium on my frame. I was a little disappointed with that. I did, however, study the amusing scene trailing across the upper right shoulder of the garment. It features a girl flying a plane.

Barfing Girl Tote

I've been collecting tote bags for years, long before they were available in bright patterns at Old Navy and Urban Outfitters. As with many accessories, there are those of us who wear belts to keep our pants up, and those of us who wear belts to show that we're aware of the latest trend. I am of the utilitarian camp, and so, I expect a tote-bag to be strong and durable. I want to take it to the Farmer's Market and stuff it full of greens, peppers and a bottle of water for the road. I, then, want to visit a garage sale and know that I can stretch the tote bag to squeeze in a new hoodie.

Ginger Brooch

Ugly yet endearing, the Damned Dollies brooches have that freak chic element that appeals to the fourteen-year-old goth girl inside all of us. Approximately two inches tall, the handmade brooches are big enough to make a fashion statement yet small enough not to hinder regular movement and can be secured easily to a bag or jacket. As the Damned Dollies website claims, I received a brooch similar to, but not exactly like, the model shown online. The online version of the Ginger Brooch featured a red-haired doll with a white top and pink patterned skirt.