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Reviews of Kristine’s Shower

Sexual Chocolate Lava Gloss

There has always been a certain dilemma around buying flavored lip gloss. On one hand, who doesn’t want their lips to taste like dessert, but on the other, who wants to seem like a pre-teen Bonne Bell fan? Kristine’s Shower has solved that dilemma with their delectable Lava Gloss. The flavor I tried was Sexual Chocolate, a somewhat silly name for a wonderful product. The gloss comes out through a roller top, but unlike most other roller glosses, Lava Gloss doesn’t leave your lips excessively shiny or sticky.

Shea Butter Body Sorbet

Winter has delivered its annual plague of cracked heels for many of us. On the day I received this product, one of my heels had begun to crack despite my religious use of other products to prevent that problem. This sorbet (a much more fun word than lotion or cream), used along with another product from Kristine’s Shower, the Shea Butter Body Frosting, took care of that heel in about four days. It’s smooth, light and absorbs well into the skin. The only minor disappointment was in the scent – “Blackberry Blast.” The smell of other ingredients overpowered it just a bit.

Shea Butter Body Frosting

Shea Butter Body Frosting is a sugar scrub that is not only effective for rough patches on the skin, but is said to keep legs smooth between shavings. The scrub is less oily than many of its competitors and gentles enough to use on the face. After using this wonderful scrub on my feet for a few days, I decided to use it on my face as well as a nightly routine to see how it would stand up to daily use. I’m very pleased with the results. My skin was pleasantly smooth, not oily or weighed down by the product. I also didn't experience any irritation using it on a nightly basis.