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Reviews of Rachael Sage

Delancey Street

On her ninth record, Delancey Street, Rachael Sage once again embraces and pushes the boundaries of her signature sound: lush piano-based pop with plenty of passion and insightful lyrics. Each song tells a distinct story, capturing a moment in time (even if the meanings are sometimes ambiguous). The enigmatic “Everything Was Red” is one of my favorite tracks, although I’d be hard pressed to tell you what it’s about.

The Blistering Sun

“Alright, OK,” the opening track on Rachael Sage’s new album The Blistering Sun, introduces you to all that is best about Sage’s music: it’s an vibrant, catchy, pop tune showcasing her warm, versatile voice, with clever rhymes and introspective lyrics, as well as top-notch piano playing and penchant for horns.