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Reviews of Rudechix

Is That a Hybrid or Are You Just Happy to See Me T-shirt

It’s reassuring that edgier girls, even when they become moms, can look to Rudechix tees for a little self-reverential, sassy fun. A phenomenon that hit big from its very first chops busting attitude tee in 2004 (“I’m Cuter Than You”), Rudechix is hotter and ruder than ever with a new series of to-die-for tee collections, including The Tattoo Line, The Environmental Line, The Bitter Waitress Collection and The Baby Surf Collection. The fantastically inventive Sherry Mattson, owner and president of the company, is all about creating something beyond the typically prosaic one-liner.

"Decaf Tastes Like Ass" T-Shirt

The Rudechix line is all about honesty – letting your t-shirt/tank top/underwear say what you are too polite to say. Ranging from "I'm Cuter than You" to "Getting Tattoos When I'm 18" baby-wear, the clothes are funky, fun, and full of attitude. They are ideal for women who are tired of the old adage, "Sugar and spice and everything nice." When my t-shirt came in the mail, I was very excited.