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Reviews of Zana Cosmetics

Picture Perfect Face Primer

Oily skin is often revered as one’s personal fountain of youth with an ability to slow down aging, but for those who were born with this physical trait, it’s a nightmare that stares at you right in the face. Instead of glowing and glistening, oil oozes from pores, causing pimples to make frequent visits, while rosy cheeks appear slippery and dirty. Not even the finest powders can combat the greasy mess, and at the end of the day, your many hours of carefully applying makeup for a fresh face results in a gloppy gunk.

Atlantic Blue Eyeshadow

The number of newly unemployed in the United States now equals the size of three cities. I visualize them on a map: Obsoletopolis in the Midwestern Rustbelt, Techbustfield out west, and Down Size to the east. Each would have a flag with a light pink field.