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Reviews of Anti- Records

Middle Cyclone

Music reviews are supposed to be about critical analysis, not deferential boot-licking. But Heaven help me, I cannot help it this time. I love Neko Case. Did you hear me? LOVE. L-O-V-E.

Shades of Dorian Gray

Danny Cohen’s third record for the label ANTI demonstrates his uniqueness as an artist, as did 2005’s We’re All Gunna Die. The 16-track CD takes one on a musical journey of mystical, gothic proportions. Often compared to Tom Waits, Vic Chestnut, Jad Fair, and Daniel Johnston, Cohen has crafted an offbeat musical career spanning some five decades.


The second project of New York collective The Book of Knots, Traineater is the melancholy tale of the fall of the great steel and mining towns in the American Midwest. It’s like the soundtrack for an apocalyptic Greyhound bus ride I once took - under the abandoned and boarded up brick buildings of Detroit, past the old Buick plant in Flint where my Dad used to work, the windows busted where kids with no future job prospects stayed out late to throw rocks.