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Reviews of Domino

Bitte Orca

At times the catchy melodies and ironically jarring harmonies found on Dirty Projectors’ latest album, Bitte Orca, seem surprising, and at other times, perfectly in place. From the very first listen the Dirty Projectors certainly project something interesting.

Merriweather Post Pavilion

There are precious moments that stand out in a life of indie glory. They are countless or few, mostly depending on your memory. There were two times when, temporarily paralyzed, I couldn’t get out of my car until the song on the radio ended; I know the tracks well to this day.

The Devil, You + Me

I think The Notwist are a fun, synthy explosion of goodness, and I loved and lived with their 2002 album, Neon Golden, since its release. In the interim, the band members have been keeping busy with projects 13 & God and Ms. John Soda, both excellent acts in their own right.


Whether Fridge remains together or not I don't know, but by listening to Adem's Homesongs, and having been so impressed with Four Tet's two wondrous CDs, the work of Kieran Hebden—the first member of Fridge to record on his own—it is clear that their imaginative and diverse brand of post-rock will continue to yield gems through its members. Adem is a different path for Hebden.