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Is That a Hybrid or Are You Just Happy to See Me T-shirt

It’s reassuring that edgier girls, even when they become moms, can look to Rudechix tees for a little self-reverential, sassy fun. A phenomenon that hit big from its very first chops busting attitude tee in 2004 (“I’m Cuter Than You”), Rudechix is hotter and ruder than ever with a new series of to-die-for tee collections, including The Tattoo Line, The Environmental Line, The Bitter Waitress Collection and The Baby Surf Collection.

The fantastically inventive Sherry Mattson, owner and president of the company, is all about creating something beyond the typically prosaic one-liner. Besides earning a place as a cult fashion item, especially for the alterna-mom and her wild child, people are also cooing over the tees for their high quality ultra-soft cotton and because they are made in Los Angeles—never in sweat shops.

Rudechix receives strong ovations for straight-up righteous statements like “recycle dammit,” “my mommy’s tattoos are sick” and “I really don’t care how you like your eggs.” As a t-shirt fanatic, I’m hooked and plan to snap up a bunch more. When I wore mine from The Environmental Line, a lot of people wanted to know where I got it so they could get one, too. The fit is great and the shirt maintains its shape after repeated washings. Tees are priced at $20 for kids and $25 for adults.

Most importantly, I like the spirit of Rudechix, created especially for a provocative, empowered female who is cool and fun enough to express herself openly. The Rudechix motto? “You Think It, Dare To Say It.”

Why not? Especially when it looks and feels so damn good.

Written by: Cheryl Reeves, March 6th 2007

thx, Cheryl!!! U rock!Ms. Rudechix aka Sherry.:)