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“No More Blood for Oil” Tee

No Star is a clothing company based out of Portland, Oregon, that came about due to the founders’ love of t-shirts and graphic design. No Star businesses can be found in thirty-one states and eight countries. I was sent their “No More Blood for Oil” t-shirt to review.

This t-shirt is red, with a green brontosaurus on the front saying the words, “No More Blood for Oil.” Perhaps the reason a dinosaur is saying these words has to do with extinction, meaning that the dinosaurs are extinct, and humans will be also if they do not stop killing each other for oil.

Other interpretations are feasible, however. Perhaps the brontosaurus represents the death and extinction of oil as a commodity on this planet, just as dinosaurs became dead and extinct. Perhaps because oil itself is composed of ancient, formerly organic materials, such as dinosaurs, the brontosaurus represents oil itself with the red of the shirt representing blood, and therefore, it is all the more profound that it is the brontosaurus saying "No More Blood For Oil." Did that make sense? Anyway, the message seems to reach people, and even if they couldn't say exactly what the precise message is, they still had a gut reaction to that message that was meaningful.

There are many possible interpretations of this t-shirt's message, and that is another reason to wear it. It's so interesting! And who doesn't love red and green? I did receive many “I like your t-shirt” comments when wearing the shirt, and many people applauded the shirt’s message (whatever their interpretation was...)

Written by: Kent Page McGroarty, May 17th 2007

so if oil is the blood of dinosaurs will the blood of humans be the fuel for machines

the joke is oil is made from dead dinosaurs. it has nothing to do with your political agenda. ** this comment has been moderated