Elevate Difference

13 oz. Silver Parsley Water Bottle

Directed by Earthlust

A new baby inspired the fine bottles available at Earthlust: it was time to start thinking about the future, and giving generations to come a clean place to stay seems reasonable. There is the Native American saying: “We are not inheriting the planet from our parents—we are borrowing it from our children.” Even the childless can appreciate the folly in generating unnecessary garbage, so why not use a water bottle? Also, once you compare it to the cost of bottled water, a larger model used twice daily will pay for itself within two weeks.

Sizes include thirteen ounce, twenty ounce, and one-liter versions, and there are also twenty ounce insulated mugs available in two patterns. Crows and hawks perch and fly on the stainless steel sides, ginkgoes leave, dragonflies fly, and mine sprouts silver parsley.

Those inclined to garden can acquire parsley seeds through Seeds of Change, easily planted in a container or garden, and then water them with liquid poured from a non-toxic, food-grade stainless steel container with its BPA-free polypropylene #5 cap. Uses of parsley include getting brewed as a tea for renal and digestive difficulties, and its high chlorophyll content has made it popular as a breath freshener, hence its persistence as garnish. I did hear a Depression-era anecdote of one restaurant saving, rinsing (one hopes) and reusing parsley garnish in order to cut costs. Desperate times... at least you can make sure that your water is fresh from the tap. And I should get an insulated version by winter for parsley tea.

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, June 28th 2009