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3 Citrus Whipped Shea Butter

Dry knuckles? Ashy hands and elbows? Tried every lotion on the shelf? You need Prairieland Herbs' 3 Citrus Whipped Shea Butter. When I opened the little tin tub (which can be reused for multiple purposes), I was taken aback; it actually look like whipped butter! I had to resist sticking my finger in and giving it a lick. Compared to more solid shea butter, this is very gentle and airy—easy to spread and rub in.

As soon as I could, I put it to the test. My knuckles stayed moisturized throughout my daily routine much longer than conventional lotions. I didn’t notice dryness on my hands until five to six hours after I applied it. My knees and the rest of my body were smooth and moisturized until the next day. And it smells incredible. The “3 Citrus” in the name comes from lemon, tangerine and orange essential oils. As great as they smell, these and jojoba oil give it a slightly greasy feel until you rub it in, but it works so well that this doesn’t deter me in the slightest.

Prairieland Herbs has a wide assortment of shea butter products in addition to the 3 Citrus. Not only is their shea butter fair trade, but they are also committed to producing the most natural products possible. For someone who doesn’t like rubbing scary chemicals on her body, this was a major plus for me. This is perfect for dry winter days, or right out of the shower for smooth and deliciously moisturized skin!

Written by: Lillian B., July 8th 2007

Prairieland Herbs has amazing shampoo bars too--they made my hair so soft when I first tried them I was always petting my own head like a freak. ;)