Elevate Difference

On the Way

Moore was one of many women who benefited from the movement in music that Lilith Fair generated, bringing many unknown female artists to the forefront of the public’s consciousness. There are traces of the peppy pop-sensibility that earned Moore her fame with her hit single “Four-Leaf Clover,” but On the Way is a more mature and introspective endeavor. Moore’s innocent, lilt in her voice occasionally breaks with emotion in a somewhat prescribed manner.

Her musical arrangements flow gracefully with her vocals, as in the opening track, “Into the Sunset,” where gentle beats complement her soft style. “On the Way” is definitely the standout track of the album. It has a gorgeous, loping melody that conjures up the warm heaviness of seduction. Moore takes us with her into her lover’s bedroom and brings us into the colors and sensations of a path that maybe is new, possibly familiar, but perfect in this moment’s anticipation.

Much of this album contains personal themes of regret, centering and loss. “Take Care of Me” exemplifies this and touches on the need to be cared for when taking care of someone else, as Moore did for her father in his last days. On the Way is an album for open car windows on a night’s drive, a summer porch in the evening and a glass of wine by the fire. Moore gently encourages the listener to take care of herself, while her smooth melodies further encourage evenings of quiet comfort and rest.

Written by: Shana Scudder, July 15th 2007