Elevate Difference

There’s Always Tomorrow

When I opened [There’s Always Tomorrow], I was first taken with the layout and colors of the cover and inner jacket. The boldness of the red and the muted blue really complimented each other and gave the sense of class and distinction. I also thought Alison could be a model if this singing thing doesn’t work out. With a slender build and long, flowing reddish brown hair, she is quite striking.

When I slipped the CD into my player, I was almost immediately hit by the tone of the singer. To me she sounds a little bit like Cyndi Lauper, who I grew up listening to. She has that high pitched tone to her voice with a slight warble. Unfortunately, Cyndi Lauper is not one of my favorite singers. However, I did like the message the song embodied. I also like the fact that the words of the songs were displayed on the inner jacket; it makes for a more enjoyable listening experience.

While the message and lyrics are good, I was not drawn to the singer’s voice. I think the vocals could have been stronger to really portray the message of this song, which is that not matter how you feel today, there’s always tomorrow. Life is ever changing and one day is never like the next. Just hold and believe that there are better things to come. This is a message that we all should try and remember when those darker moments in life rear their ugly head.

Written by: Amber Whitman-Currier, April 29th 2007

Great...hope you do...thanks for the comments.

I love Cyndi Lauper and I love a good message...will have to check this one out:-)