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All Around Wide Pre-Tied Headband

I have very thick hair. I don't bother with most barrettes or clasps; they just don't stay in. When I began ballet classes in elementary school, we had to factor in the time it took to wind my hair in a bun, which was covered by a knitted net. It took at least ten pins to hold it in place, often more. Naturally, I'm wary about what I spend my money on when it comes to my hair.

Hard headbands give me headaches. Recently I've taken to soft headbands with rubber surfaces; the rubber helps keep them in place. But, these don't do much to cover up my laziness. The feathered layers around my face will stick out at odd angles, and these thin bands can't hide when I've gone a day too long without washing my hair.

That's where bandannas and handkerchiefs come in. Fold in a triangle, tie around your head, and you're good to go. Unless you're me. Then you'd better remember the bobby pins, or they'll slip and slide, and have to be rearranged (which always requires taking them off completely, and often a good brushing).

The All Around Wide Pre-Tied Headband from CoverYourHair.com is a cross between a bandanna and a soft headband. The bottom half is rouched like a scrunchie, with generous elastic and extra fabric. The top half is a wide piece of fabric that is gathered at either end. You can spread this flat, like a bandanna, or bring it together into a thinner, ruffled band.

The headband's first test was grocery shopping on a rainy day. Last minute errands, I hadn't expected to go out that day, so my hair wasn't super-clean. The band stayed in place through the whole outing, and kept my hair dry through the quick runs in the light rain. Point!

Its next outing was on a clean hair day, so my hair was more slippery than usual. The band largely stayed in place, but I felt the need to keep checking it. On the upside, resetting the headband is easy. It pops on and off, and covers any wild stray hairs that might feel the need to make a break for it.

On the whole, the All Around Wide Pre-Tied Headband is a good product that does its job well. The fabric is silky, but holds hair in place, and the manufacturing seems durable, creating a simple solution to some very aggravating problems.

Written by: Richenda Gould, May 14th 2010

thanks for the review! i have the same problem hair and will be ordering one to try it out! ...and it's made from cotton - bonus!