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Amber Velvet Votive

Dark Candles may give the impression that it caters to an unconventional crowd, but these scented candles have broad appeal. The Amber Velvet Votive candle offers a pleasurable experience. The first impression, being the appearance, is favorable. The candle is a dark violet color, wrapped in plastic and topped off with a matching shiny, purple twisty tie. Upon opening the package you are immersed in the Amber Velvet scent. It is reminiscent of upscale department store perfume, a little musky while remaining feminine. Burning the candle will fill the area with this aroma without being overwhelming. It is ideal for creating a sensual atmosphere.

A single votive candle will last through a romantic evening. The burn time for this candle is adequate for its size. I placed this votive candle in a glass container when in use. Clean up of the remaining wax was achieved with ease since it popped right off of the glass. Don’t be too quick to judge this brand by its mysterious image. Dark Candles are sensational for scent lovers.

Written by: Sarah Eve Nichols-Fulghum, September 5th 2007

Awesome! I can't wait to get some. My friend had some of their candles and I think I might be addicted already.