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American Women Leaders: 1,560 Current Biographies

American Women Leaders is an ultimate resource of all things women. If you consider yourself a feminist or are interested in women’s empowerment, this is a great coffee table book to own. American Women Leaders features biographies of over 1,500 women who are positively impacting others. Those featured had to meet two criteria in order to participate. They had to be born in the U.S. or have spent the majority of their childhood in the country. Most importantly, each woman profiled should serve as a role model to children.

American Women Leaders does not beat around the bush. The book immediately jumps into highlighting women. Beginning in alphabetical order, women of all races, ethnicities and from various parts of the country are listed with their occupation and biography, and the list of women is impressive. Represented are lawyers, high-profile business executives, those working in nonprofits and government and more. The list showcases women who are making remarkable strides in their respective professions and communities.

The book’s creator, Carol Hooks Hawkins, is a Georgia based insurance agent turned author. She was motivated to compile the collection of women achievers, most of whom who are not household names, to encourage other women to reach for the moon. These women come from so many different backgrounds, but they exemplify the true meaning of leadership. Carol’s husband, Walter L. Hawkins, provides the forward for American Women Leaders and he points out that, “An individual acting alone can accomplish much; but a group of people acting together as a unified force can accomplish great wonders.” The collective group of women featured are moving mountains for others who will follow and hopefully create their own paths.

I salute Carol Hooks Hawkins for providing a collective book of outstanding women for young girls and women around the world to admire. It’s an amazing opportunity to highlight the hard work and due diligence of these women.

Written by: Tiffany Winbush, May 1st 2009

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