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And Tango Makes Three

And Tango Makes Three is a simply but beautifully told illustrated children’s book about the real-life story of two male penguins at the New York Central Park Zoo, Roy and Silo, who form a partnership and are given a fertile egg to hatch. And Tango is born.

The book doesn’t shy away from using the words “family,” “love,” “daddies” and “couple” to describe Roy and Silo’s pairing and their relationship with their baby chick. While the book isn’t likely to be found on all school shelves because of its frank and unapologetic language of two male penguins forming a family, the beauty of the story is touching and sincere. Henry Cole’s illustrations help make the story accessible to even the youngest readers while visually reinforcing that Roy and Silo are no different from other penguins at the zoo.

For primary and elementary aged children, And Tango Makes Three is the perfect opportunity to introduce all types of families, whether that family has two moms, two dads, a mom and a dad or a single parent—and through cute little animals nonetheless. With childhood the most formative years, And Tango Makes Three provides a wonderful and powerful gateway for parents, educators and others to build acceptance of all individuals.

Written by: Lacey Dunham, May 28th 2007

only the q-i kids. :-)But actually and unfortunately, as with many schools, I don't feel like this book would be perceived as appropriate because whatever the administration might say or feel, they would point to the parents and say "well, THEY [the parents] wouldn't approve, therefore, this book won't fly." Feel free to re-direct me if you think I'm mistaken.--Lacey D.

So are you getting a copy for the kids?