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Anne Bonney Perfume Oil Blend

This intense, rich oil is listed under the Bewitching category on the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab website with this description: “Named in honor of the most notorious female pirate to ever set sail. Wicked, cruel, beautiful, intelligent, resourceful and dangerous: a true role model. A blend of Indonesian red patchouli, red sandalwood, and frankincense.” I found it to be heady, sensual and altogether delightful. A very small amount lasts for several hours, and it would be far too easy to overdo application for the office. For after work hours, go wild as a pirate on the high seas.

The website was interesting, and fairly easy to navigate. It is a treasure chest of riches, with dozens of oils listed. If you know exactly what you are looking for that’s easy to target with the search feature. Browsing takes a bit more time, but is well worth it.

Anne Bonney as a role model may make for a trendy, flip ad campaign, but her reality was far from admirable. She was from all accounts bloodthirsty, violent and abandoned at least one child. No doubt she lived the life she wanted, but it should not be overlooked that she was a murderer and a thief. She escaped hanging for her escapades only because she was pregnant at the time of sentencing. Buy the oil and eschew the idealized portrait of Anne Bonney.

Written by: Pamela Crossland, March 3rd 2007