Elevate Difference

All the Strays

Sitting in a warm living room with your closest friends enjoying each other’s thoughts and company is exactly how you feel when the first song of this album strums - and it only gets better from there. Antara’s third solo album, All the Strays, comes at you like a warm cup of coffee… a fall evening by the fire… or an embrace of an old friend. In other words, it feels like home.

In her classic style of rhythmic strumming her acoustic guitar, Antara’s heart throbs out the chords of her life. Each song is like opening a gift of word. Her songs come out as the story of her life, loves, fights and travels. Each song is more intimate than the last. This album has all of the makings of the perfect mixed tape. Perfect for that long road trip through the farmland of the Midwest into your lover’s arms this summer. Antara packs the poetics and politics of a modern (coffee fueled) folkster.

Fun, heartfelt, inspired and sometimes lonely, this album is a lesson in growth from an artist that just gets better and more versed with each album and each trip to the stage. As a feminist, as a lover of women, and as a diehard supporter of spoken herstories, I highly recommend this album. _All the Strays _will be my road map into the fall.

Written by: susan catherine ashman, September 6th 2007