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Apple Spice Vegan Lip Balm

Calling all Vegans! You’re in for a treat. This Apple Spice Lip Balm I’ve got has a mouthwatering flavour that’s good enough to eat, which might happen as your tongue seeks a trace of that delectable apple spice scent. The first thing you notice as you pop open the cap is its deliciously sweet aroma, which is created out of a mixture of red delicious apples and cinnamon for supreme flavour. If spiced apples don't have an appeal, there are more tantalizing flavours to choose from, including iced pineapple, chai tea, asian pear, and mango peach fusion. Yum!

The second thing you notice, as you smooth the balm over your lips, is how soft and cushion-y they’ll soon feel. The ingredients are all from natural sources: jujoba oil, sweet almond oil, candelilla wax, cocoa butter, coconut oil, shea butter, natural flavor oil, and natural stevia. The Apple Spice Lip Balm is addictive; you can’t help but inhale its wonderful aroma, and unlike pure petroleum jelly, there’s no need for frequent application. The balm lasts a reasonably long time, and you won’t get that shiny look. It’s plain, simple, and effective.

This product is brought to you by the Vegan Soap Kitchen, which has an online store on Etsy, a community of independent creators who sell handmade goods. The Vegan Soap Kitchen also sells other great items, like soaps made from vegetable milk. Glancing at the images of her products, you may mistake them for food, and if they look that scrumptious, surely they must be healthy and good for your skin!

Vegan Soap Kitchen is a great place to shop if you’re not a carnivore—and even if you are!— because owner Deborah Dana creates the stock in her own non-smoking soap kitchen where no kind of animal product is used. The Apple Spice Lip Balm ships from the United States and costs $2.50. Is it worth it? Yes!

Written by: Payal Patel, December 12th 2009