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Aromaleigh Make-Up

When Bette Davis was entering her later years, she said something to the effect of, “I will not retire while I’ve still got my legs and my make-up box.” Bette, like a lot of us gals, knew the importance of quality make-up and what role it can play in our everyday lives. I savor my ten minute make-up sessions because it’s one of a few moments each day that I can actually be alone with my thoughts and prepare myself for what may come. Plus, experimenting with different looks and playing with bright colors and textures make me happy. 

After receiving my sample package from Aromaleigh, I woke up every morning with a newfound sense of adventure and wonder because I not only got to have my alone time, but I also gained a chance to feel different everyday. They create, in essence, the make-up of my dreams because of their dedication to distinctive, desirable products. I’ve tried all kinds of make-up over the years, everything from the likes of Wet ‘n’ Wild to Estee Lauder, and I’ve never come across a company like Aromaleigh that speaks so directly to feminine creativity and expression. It’s honestly the best make-up I’ve ever put on my face. 

Aromaleigh is a web-based, woman-run company from South Carolina. Their vast catalog consists of foundation, blush, lipstick, perfume, eyeliner, many different kinds of eye shadow, and more. As part of the mineral make-up revolution, Aromaleigh also knows how important it is to concoct their delightful delicacies with the finest, most eco-friendly ingredients available. None of their products are tested on animals, and you can read the ingredient lists online. Not only that, but their colorful baubles just feel good to wear. The “Divine Intervention” eye shadow sang symphonies off my face and never faded throughout my twelve-hour day.

I first discovered the company when a wonderful friend gave me samples of their vivacious silver frost “lily pad” eye shadow and rockin’ sonic coral “shadow of love.” Despite having very sensitive skin, all of Aromaleigh’s products work well with my complexion, and they don’t really fade or smudge. Thus far, I’ve tried items from their Bete Noir, Eyes Lustre, and Gothic Lolita collections. I honestly can’t articulate how many different colors, sparkles, and shades Aromaleigh boasts. They wield all the colors of the rainbow throughout their various collections and possess fun, frisky names like “Lush Memoir” (Gothic Lolita collection), “Darcelle” (Bete Noir collection), and “Space Oddity” (Sonic Cosmetic Collection). They mix and match colors like nobody’s business, and their new limited edition Orchid collection is practically mouth-watering. For eye shadows, they have mattes, frosts, sparkles, and all-encompassing combinations. The brightest of yellows and whites are at your disposal as are the darkest of blues, purples, and blacks. I’ve only tried lip products from the Gothic Lolita collection, but out of the four I tried (Melancholia, Pinafore, Wallflower, and Lollipop), none of them felt sticky or heavy and provided deep, lasting shades that “popped” off my fair skin.

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, the best part about Aromaleigh is their reasonable prices. Most of their eye shadows range in price from $6-8, and you can buy samples (which last a long, long time) of many of their products for under $1.50. Like a lot of independent companies, Aromaleigh seems to rely on steady customers to keep their company afloat. Therefore, they offer weekly coupons and deals on select products. Plus, there’s free shipping for all sample orders, and they even throw in three random samples with every sale so you can try different things from different collections. 

Above all, Aromaleigh truly cares about what they’re peddling. There’s a lot of craft, caress, and chutzpah placed in every treasured stroke of color and spark of glitter. You’ll get a lot for your money and feel marvelous while doing it. Whether you’re Bette Davis with blue eye shadow and brown mascara or someone like me who enjoys sparkling like a holiday with lilac purple and sea foam green, I’m sure Aromaleigh has a cosmetic soul mate in store for you.

Written by: Sara Freeman, May 3rd 2009

Sara, Thanks so much for your great review! That's exactly how I want customers to feel when they use Aromaleigh. Freedom to choose, express, morph, and never be "stuck" in a makeup identity. I was interviewed about 2 years ago for a local feminist monthly (Skirt!) and the editor wanted to know my views on the concepts of makeup and feminism. Especially how I felt about the two (previously) opposing concepts. Your review captures my response to her. For women today, makeup is about choice and freedom and the right to wear what we want and feel good while wearing it... not to hide behind, but to simply sparkle! Thank you!