Elevate Difference

Art Cards

Fun and spirit cheering: I love these cards so much that I don’t want to give them away! They totally rock. Not only because the art design on one of the cards – a bird perched under a tree – is cute and effective, but also because its simplicity evokes a kind of ethereality. The art feels like a poem on a page. The other card I admire has the caption "always trust yourself" written in a thought-bubble that dribbles from a black and white photograph of a woman bearing a confident and resolute expression.

Crafted from post-consumer recycled card, they measure a good 4 x 6 inches and come with professional-looking off-white envelopes. Not everyone, I feel, will appreciate these handmade beauties. They are nature’s products after all; crude and made with that special ingredient—love. Go to the stores if you’re looking for those mass-produced expert print-cards. For my part, I’m sticking with Tanis Alexis Laird’s unique style.

Write your own heart-felt words inside, as her cards are left blank. Who wouldn’t be grateful for a personalised message?

Truly inspiring, I guess I’ll have to let mine go, eventually…

Written by: Payal Patel, June 15th 2007