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Sing, Shout and Clap!

When I first listened to Arts*Cetera's _Sing, Shout & Clap!_ CD, I had just picked up my one-year-old baby from daycare. Soon after the opening track, "Arfie's Theme," had begun I knew the CD was a hit. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a baby laughing, dancing (as much as he could in his car seat), and kicking his legs in joy.

ArtsCetera was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1998. Nanette De Cillis founded this center for arts and arts-related activities for adults, children and families. Arfie, the imaginary dog, is ArtsCetera's musical host, who represents not only something familiar to children (a puppy!), but also eases them into their first musical experiences and helps children understand music through getting to know a dog, which, most importantly, makes them feel safe and secure.

Although most of the tracks on the album are traditional songs, they are far from traditional in the sense of arrangement. All tracks are unique in themselves, and include Bob Hinkles’ voice interpreting a horn solo and a chicken in "Buffalo Gals" and the very humorous dog symphony of "William Tell Venture." By far, my favorite track is the Spanish song "La Vibora del Mar," which is sung by children themselves, giving the song much more energy. It includes the beautiful range of instruments, from the guitaron, guitars and vihuela to trumpet, violin and harp.

I would definitely say that this album falls under the same realm as They Might Be Giant's famous No! recording in that it is not your typical children's CD. Sing, Shout & Clap! is real music that has every intention of not only educating children, but also making them enjoy music at the same time.

Written by: MK Matson, May 19th 2007

Great review..... My kiddies will love it.... Do they sell it on cassette?

We used to listen to this kind of stuff when I was a kid in the old country. I also bought it for my nephew Carmine when he was a baby. Now my grandkids love to listen to this music in my Cadillac. This keeps them happy because there is no eating in the car.

This sounds like a good one for my grandchildren. The review is written with great style by an obviously insightful writer!

As an elementary school teacher, this sounds like it might be a hit! Thanks for the review. --Lacey D.

Thanks for the review. This sounds like what I've been looking for. I have a 2 year old and it's hard to find a children CD with more than one song that will keep his attention. Thanks for the tip.

Great review ...couldnt agree more!