Elevate Difference

This is Sour

Up to Weymouth, doctor, up to Weymouth studio! Awesome Animal Ambulance’s CD debut, This is Sour, is full of cute catchy pop tunes that share more than animal fascination with the Panda Squad. They share nearly half the band, label, and a taste for the playful and upbeat. With song titles like “Hunting Season Behind the Wheel” or “Operation Kitty,” their song lyrics have a childish playfulness that even a boar couldn’t help but find charming. Some of the lyrics in “Count on Us" are “If you sense there is pollution/ and you don’t know what to do/ there is only one solution/ to get rid of the goo/ birds you can count on us/ squirrels you can count on us…” The CD is just too precious not to like. Where else can animal rescue be so much fun? There, I’m going to take out my paints and draw a happy blue sky. It’s only a pity the CD is eighteen minutes long, with a few under a minute synthesizer tracks. Check out cover artist Suzy Coady’s animal drawings, and surely the album as well. Hopefully we’ll hear more from Awesome Animal Ambulance.

Written by: Beatrice Smigasiewicz, May 30th 2007