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Basic Instinct Sex Attractant

Pheromones: gimmick or aphrodisiac? Pure Romance would tell you the latter is definitely the case. “Next time you are headed out, dab a little Basic Instinct behind your ears, on your neck, and wrists and watch as people are drawn to you!” the company’s website exhorts.

I decided to put Basic Instinct Sex Attractant to the test. I applied it liberally and headed to the mall, where I was immediately approached by a man in the food court. It’s actually working! I thought. Turned out he was just handing out teriyaki chicken samples. They were good. I had two. No one else seemed “drawn” to me in any way.

Pure Romance, a company that sells sex toys and accessories through in-home parties, names Basic Instinct Sex Attractant is one of their top sellers. The power of the cologne is based on pheromones, chemicals emitted by living organisms to send messages to individuals of the same species. I’ve read that waitresses get better tips while wearing pheromones, but I sure didn’t attract any sex the week I wore it.

The cologne, which has a roll-on applicator, has a light, citrus-y, summery scent, and while it could be worn as a pleasant fragrance, I don’t put much stock in its ability to get you in the sack.

Written by: Anne Wilmoth, May 14th 2007

I've been using this stuff for about 3 years now and I definitely notice a difference when I wear it. However, my theory is that it makes you feel more confident; and everyone is attracted to your confidence. Whether it is a placebo effect or is actually the pheromones that make you feel more confident..I don't know. I LOVE the way it smells on me...it's totally different than it smells on anyone else.

I just called Pure Romance to see how many ml of pheromones are in their product because after doing some research I found that the amount of pheromones is key. I was told that nobody in any department knew the answer to my question because the manufacturer would not release that information. When I asked who the manufacturer was I was told that they could not disclose that information. Maybe it works, but for the cheap price that Basic Instinct sells for, compared to most pheromone perfumes' prices of $50 or more, the product seems fishy to me...

I don't leave home without mine. I have bought it from a few different companies for personal use. I finally bought a few cases to sell in my retail locations. LOVE it!!!

My sister works for Pure Romance and she sent me a bottle to try. I notice a difference in how people treat me but I may be acting slightly differently because I know I have it on.The real difference has been with my girlfriend, who still doesn't know about it. When I use it she is much more passionate.Male, 26

Your review was hilarious! Thank you.