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Beaches Eyeshadow Duo

When I think of beauty, I don't necessarily think of New Zealand. Amazing landscape, certainly. Kiwi birds and groves, yes. Extraordinary sheep herds with the corresponding climate legend that there are holes in the ozone induced by ovine methane, sure thing. I haven't read much Katherine Mansfield, although I was a Split Enz fan. But apparently this southern archipelago is indeed an epicenter of splendid beauty products.

The geological isolation has caused a concentration of rare species, and many of these are incorporated in recipes for Living Nature's cosmetics and skin care products. These items contain no synthetic preservatives, mineral oils, irradiated ingredients, and herbicide or pesticide residues. Nor are genetically modified or animal ingredients included. The ingredients are not tested on animals either. Finally, the austere and well-designed box with its block sans serif bronze text on a dark brown matte textured cardboard is made from recycled and reusable packaging. These products also pass the stringent criteria of Italian laboratories, EU rules, and German evaluatory standards. It would be difficult to be more pure. Interesting that such dedication flourishes in an open economy: New Zealand is noted as having one of the most free marketplaces in the world.

Not only are the components scrupulously selected and monitored, the names reflect the pure beauty of the mountainous skyline: blossoms, siennas, clouds, and ferns. I opted for "Beaches"—a combination of subtle browns. Males are not known for appreciating subtlety, but I persist. A previous attempt at assisted allure was a distinct dark blue. Although I sat in public and batted vigorously, apparently that particular lid-paste was not effective. Perhaps an on-site testing of Natural Living eyeshadow is in order. And if any of the respondents resemble the Finn brothers, I will not object.

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, April 18th 2009