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Bees and the Birds

The Bee Team (formerly known as the Bees and the Birds) presents a sweet sample of songs on its EP Bees and the Birds. With melodies that seem to have been born somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains, the songs with flit between folk, pop and rock.

This Philadelphia band is self-described as a group that makes fun and honest music. The danceable track “Birds and the Bees” has lines the will make you smirk, like “I’ll tell you that I care about the birds and the bees/And I’ll laugh when you go down on me/Just give me time/Just give me space between give me time/Just give me space between your thighs.”

Dueling male and female vocals create an extra dimension for all of the tracks, especially on the forlorn and almost desperate “Waiting for a Call,” which seems to give two perspectives on a break-up where both sides are waiting for the other to call. Bees and the Birds delivers a good time. It’s music that makes you laugh a little, gets you moving and doesn't make you feel like you just indulged in a guilty pleasure.

Written by: Beverly Jenkins-Crockett, July 24th 2007
Tags: folk, pop, rock