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Birds of Paradise Earrings

Not ever being one to splurge on jewelry, I’m often times frustrated by the cheap and mass produced items I find myself buying off racks in department stores. I am no stranger to a green finger, a necklace that breaks as I’m putting it on for the very first time, or an earring that manages to fall off in transit, which always provides for a few strange glances once I arrive at work. I have also suffered the mortification that comes when you realize someone is wearing exactly the same bracelet, in exactly the same color, from exactly the same place.

So I was both surprised and delighted to find the Birds of Paradise earrings made by jewelry designer Jazmine Bowe for her “urban gypsy” Stars + Rocks jewelry line. At an incredibly reasonable price, these handmade earrings are intricately detailed and visibly of quality. I love wearing large earrings, and these lightweight pieces don’t leave your ears feeling as if they’re hanging two inches lower after you wear them for a day.

These earrings are versatile enough to be worn during day or night. So far, I’ve sported them—and received compliments doing so—with a black strapless dress and a t-shirt and jeans. They have an ethnic vibe that goes well with many current trends, and their size is big enough to grab attention, but not so large that I would recommend those with smaller faces not wear them.

But the greatest part comes back to knowing I won’t go out and find myself surrounded with twenty other girls wearing forty of the same earrings. There’s a pride that comes from supporting an artist and getting to look good doing it. I’m excited to have found unique and beautiful jewelry that didn’t come at a price I couldn’t afford. I will most definitely be looking at Bowe’s inexpensive and creative creations for gifts, self-indulgences, and fashion sense, instead of chunks of plastic on the racks of a department store.

Written by: Melissa Ablett, August 30th 2009