Elevate Difference

Bit of Arts and Crafts II Ceiling Fan Pull

It’s hard to know exactly how to describe a product that is, at once, so lovely, functional, and distinct. The Trace Ellements ceiling fan pull is a handmade, sturdy item that consists of smooth moss green and deep caramel swirled beads held together by thick brass wire. It can easily fasten to most ball chains, and adds a nice burst of color and elegance to an otherwise undecorated ceiling fan. It doesn’t matter whether your fan has a wooden finish, though it certainly complements a brown backdrop. I’m not the kind of person who adheres to a particular decorating scheme, but I think it’s safe it say that this little fan pull would accent just about any color palette in your home. As far as I’m concerned, the kitchen is a nice spot because it makes getting up in the morning that much more pleasant.

The combination of bead designs and textures layered on top of one another forms a coherent pattern of shades. Such a mixture of colors is enhanced by the different shapes of the beads. Indeed, Trace Ellements is defined by difference, given its integration of materials like semi-precious stones; German, Czech, Chinese, and Indian glass beads; and crystal, porcelain, metal, and fabric elements.

Founder Tracy Ellison has been creating inventive jewelry and home accessories, since 1990, and there’s no limit to her artistic combinations. The company also has a range of goodies from earrings to bookmarks to zipper pulls. Ellison's really got something for everyone. If you tend to lead more toward the silver than the gold, or toward bright and busy hues rather than the more muted variety, Trace Ellements has a range of fan pulls to choose from at the very reasonable price of $16.

Written by: Heather Brown, August 20th 2009