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Bitchin' Kitchen Cookbook: Rock Your Kitchen-And Let the Boys Clean Up the Mess

The cliché don’t judge a book by its cover doesn’t hold true in regards to the Bitchin' Kitchen Cookbook, which depicts a glistening topless guy next to a meat cleaver wielding tattooed woman wearing a beehive hairdo and a leather apron. This is not your grandmother’s cookbook, though it does have some amazing recipes that would make your grandmother proud!

The cookbook emphasizes organic; the ingredients not only taste better, but they are cleaner (no pesticides, etc.) and , therefore, healthier for you. The book begins with a section on single cooking, which I thought was really fantastic. So often as a single woman, I find myself succumbing to heating up food in a microwave as compared to taking the time to cook for myself. But it really is worth it and with this cookbook, it’s much easier to find some creative recipes.

The book is filled with tips and interesting anecdotes about the author and the food. I enjoyed learning that spaghetti alla puttanesca was traditionally made by Italian prostitutes in the 1950s. The prostitutes were only allowed to shop for food once a week, and this dish could be made with preserved ingredients instead of fresh ones.

There is also a section on food for a breakup. So right before you get rid of the guy, you can just remind him of how much he’ll miss you! The author also brings up the good point that you’re then the classy one taking the time to break up with the significant other in person (no email, text, etc.) and you’re nice enough to not do it in public!

The bitchin’ kitchen continues online. Every few days at BitchinLifestyle.tv, you can find a new recipe for food and drinks. Not only that, but the site features crafts, fashion, and blog entries by the creators. The site feels like the book—bursting with good ideas, deliciousness, and more than a splash of naughty.

Written by: Kristin Conard, August 25th 2009

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