Elevate Difference


Volta, the sixth studio album from Icelandic musician, Bjork, delivers the kind of offbeat, quirky music that only she could make. With its lo-fi sonics, Volta sounds less polished than some of Bjork's previous releases, which is refreshing. This record is an eclectic mixture of sounds, with performances by everyone from Timbaland (is there an album he isn't involved with right now?) to Chinese pipa player Min Xiao-Fen and a ten-piece, all female Icelandic brass section.

Adding to the unusual sound is the reoccurring nautical theme on the album, with its foghorn interludes mixed with seagull noises and the sound of boats. Bjork's distinctive vocals tell a story that's both personal and political, singing about her children, feminism and the current global climate. My favorite track on this record is “Declare Independence,” an anarchistic track that inspires us to “Start your own currency/Make your own stamp/Protect your language.” Overall, this funky record makes for an interesting listen, although it might be a bit hard to get through if you're not a die-hard Bjork fan.

Written by: Beeb Ashcroft, July 24th 2007