Elevate Difference


Bloodborn is captivating from start to finish, keeping me reading from cover to cover. Not only was the plot intriguing, Kathyrn Fox kept you wrapped in the victims lives as if you were really there. You felt her emotions with every word you read. Without a dull moment in the story, this book has the mystery and suspense that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Work driven, Dr. Anya Crichton has a lucrative career as a forensic pathologist. Specializing in sexual attacks, she is highly sought after to investigate the brutal sex crimes committed all over the country. However, one case has tugged at her hearts stings and leads to multiple cases in the whirlwind novel that keeps you guessing. Crichton struggles to maintain a relationship with her young son while determined to solve these crimes that all lead back to the elusive Harbourn family.

The Harbourn family leads a life of crime. From drug running to rape and torture, the Harbourn family seems to be above the law as each family members covers for another to provide alibis for vicious and brutal crimes. The Monarch of the family, Noelene, is believed to have stabbed her husband to death. However, each member of the Harbourn family had touched the murder weapon, making it impossible to prove which one really did it.

Crichton strives to get justice for two sisters, Rachel and Sophia. They were brutally raped, tortured, and left for dead. The crime was believed to have been carried out by the Harbourn brothers. Only the younger sister, Sophia, survived. After the death of a Prosecutor in the case against the Harbourn brothers, Anya believes her life is in danger. As expected the Harbourn’s are suspected in the brutal slaying of the Prosecutor, but are they really guilty?

Fox keeps you wrapped up in the devastating crimes that unfold within Bloodborn. Unable to see past the implied guilt of the Harbourn family, it is impossible to suspect anyone else in this captivating novel.

Written by: Ryanick Paige, December 14th 2009