Elevate Difference

Blossom Sleeve

Billed as ‘The Personal Choice of The Wicked™ Girls’ (though what they would do with it is far from obvious), the Blossom Sleeve is a ‘deep penetrating’ four-inch, ribbed tunnel made of Senso® material. Remember those twenty-five cent rubberish spiders that stuck to the wall it was thrown against, and subsequently 'walked' down? That's the stuff this is made of. Who ever said squishy toy spiders don’t feel anything like vaginas? The Blossom Sleeve even has eight little petals standing in for labia minora. But I’m making this all sound less appealing than it actually is. It heats up quickly and is a very nice masturbator once you grasp the essential fact that it can, and should, be enjoyed hands free. I'll leave you to sort out the logistics on your own, but it tears easily, so be gentle, use lots of compatible lube (BabeLube works quite nicely), and clean it with short fingernails or you’ll be on the market for a new one.

Written by: Kramer Goldsack, November 10th 2007

Something different. I might try it one day.

ok enlighten me. What is the banana peel thing ?

Simple. Place it between the mattress and box spring, or between your couch cushions, and hump as if you were humping your partner. If you feel that it will tear easily, then wrap a towel around it before you place in either spot. Use your bed pillows or couch pillows to hug and squeeze, as if they were your partners' body and breasts. ;o)

And if you have never tried the banana (or plantain) peel, give it a try. :o)

How can it be used hands free? suggestions?