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Bluestocking Bonbons

I'm already picky enough as a dedicated omnivore. Attempts at vegetarianism, let alone veganism, resulted in such extreme fatigue I had to give up after a month. However, for those dedicated enough to a peaceable kingdom to live without omelets, ice cream, and steak, and are capable of pursuing the benefits of avoiding animal proteins, I am delighted to report that there are delicious vegan chocolates available. No human being should have to persist sans chocolate.

The vegan chef of Lagusta's Lucious has been producing confections that are “heartbreakingly delicious and painstakingly made by hand with truly artisanal ingredients” since 2003. More fun yet, the innovative flavors are named for famous feminists, so the yummy treats arrive in one hundred percent post-consumer material packaging and inspire investigation of our history. The Bluestocking Bonbons come in the following varieties: vandana shivas, pauline benjamin's peanut butter cups, raspberries de pizan, chocolate coconut cream pyramids, and furious vulvas. What next? Hildegard von Bingen berries? Suddenly Luxembourgs? Kristeva cremes?

The vandana shivas are innovatively flavored, combining ancho chilies, Maui vanilla beans, and Mexican cinnamon in bittersweet chocolate. Utilizing stone-ground Mexican Taza chocolate, they may challenge textural expectations, but in a way that substantiates the producer's claim that their chocolate is not candy, but food. Furious vulvas come (no pun intended) in boxes of twelve and are bittersweet chocolate seasoned with pink peppercorns and Hawaiian pink sea salt in O'Keeffe-ish formation. Time to go for the ganache and try Lagusta's truffles.

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, September 26th 2009