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BooBoo Unisex Wrist Bracelet, Orange

Functional. Fashionable. Fun. The BooBoo wrist cuff from Truth is oh-so-cool—according to me, anyway. It’s a deep orange—a colour that has grown on me over time—and has an almost faded look. Created from distressed acrylic and cotton webbing, this BooBoo is size small, fitting me with ideal precision.

These genuine non-leather bands, amusingly named “BooBoos,” are manufactured in Canada by a company called Truth. Appealing to the vegan audience, designer Renia Pruchnicki takes an environmentally friendly approach to her many products, which include t-shirts, belts, and necklaces in addition to these trendy wristlets. All come in a variety of colours, textures, and looks—woven, mess, faded, and shiny prints—and can be fastened with a simple click of two adjacent buttons.

The BooBoo gives the wearer a definite punk rock air, and the great part is that it’s unisex! There have been times when I’ve disliked that tag because I’ve found, especially when shopping for t-shirts, that the unisex label really means "made for men," as these products tend to cater to a larger, male-shaped body. Whilst most of my friends loved the orange band around my wrist and the way the shade contrasted well with my turquoise outfit, one comment went like this: “That looks like a guy’s band! It’s manly, and it doesn’t look like it should be on you.”

But so what? It’s interesting how we assign things to that “masculine” or “feminine” construct, the implication of that comment being that a female should stick to “feminine” products. Don’t you just get frustrated when people absentmindedly think like that? I do! Especially since men seem to get the best commodities sometimes. On this occasion, I don’t feel the BooBoo is “manly”; it looks equally stylish on a girl!

Truth values vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. The company’s website reads, “Live your truth, and respect others”—a simple yet powerful philosophy.

Written by: Payal Patel, December 7th 2009