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BooBoo Unisex Wrist Bracelet, Woven

The story behind a company and its products really makes or breaks my decision to purchase. Yes, aesthetics are a key determining factor, but my criteria goes beyond this alone. I want to know the who, what, where, when, and how behind it so that my money supports my values. Truth, as it turns out, is a company with a great product and a great story.

I’d heard a bit about this Canadian company, but didn’t know what they were all about, so I was especially excited to review Truth’s Woven Wrist BooBoo. Given the unisex cuff style and my extra-dinky wrists, I hoped I’d be getting the S versus the other size, L. Indeed I got the S woven style Booboo in the “brown/pink” combo and instantly loved the contrast between the serious snaps set in a pewter-colored faux leather and the soft baby pink, raspberry pink, and ivory threads tightly woven with burgundy, brown and taupe threads.

I like that it’s not woven into a perfect checkerboard-like basket weave. It’s totally cute, but has an edge. Browsing their website I could see a range of tastes going through their wares, from preppy to punk. The materials are all vegan and their line includes several style of wrist cuffs, belts, bamboo fabric t-shirts, and clean, simple necklaces.

The story behind Truth is especially interesting. When owner and designer Renia Pruchnicki started the company in 2001, she was used to working with technical fabrics as an outerwear clothing designer and naturally gravitated toward a “technical” faux leather fabric. Truth's "leather looking" belts became very popular within the vegan community and their website reads: “When I started this company, I was not a vegetarian and was not even thinking of pursuing anything along those lines in terms of a market. But the path that I took opened my eyes to many things and over the years and my diet slowly became mostly vegetarian.”

As an activist-minded consumer it’s heartening to find such a great example of the power consumer demand has to actually change the marketplace. In this instance not only did demand directly influence the company’s products, the personal values of the company owner were also affected. And for this I love wearing my stylish, comfy, cruelty-free Woven Wrist BooBoo even more!

Written by: Matsya Siosal, November 2nd 2009