Elevate Difference

Boys will be Men: Raising our Sons for Courage, Caring and Community

This book should be required reading for the entire population; it is an essential read for any parent or educator. Paul Kivel is an activist, writer and violence prevention educator whose plan for a positive feminist future starts with the boys. This book is a beautiful example of the often overlooked concept that feminism is for the dudes, too. Kivel acknowledges the inherent privileges men have in our society, but also asks them to question and protest the inequality in which those privileges are based.

Boys Will be Men is not a traditional parenting book. There are no easy instructions or steps to follow in order to raise your son to constantly challenge injustice in peaceful, positive and courageous ways. Instead, Kivel often poses questions for the reader to consider and also questions to ask children. Upon reflecting on these questions, the reader will have profound responses and, undoubtedly, it will urge them to take on the tough task of raising a caring son willing to transform his community and society at large.

Paul Kivel’s book will resonate with anyone who dreams of or works towards a society free of all social, political and economic injustices. His meditations on these possibilities are touching, inspiring and poignant.

Written by: Jen May, February 5th 2007