Elevate Difference

So Much More

Anyone lucky enough to catch the usage of Brett Dennen’s song “There Is So Much More” on the November 9th episode of Grey’s Anatomy would probably have thought it was sung by some classic singer/songwriter that they should know, but simply could not place the name of. They would probably be surprised to find out that such a rich, classic and well-seasoned voice belonged to a somewhat young and new folk singer like that of Brett Dennen.

Brett Dennen has all the charm of a commercially successful pop singer like Gavin DeGraw or John Mayer, but unlike them there is a lot more soul in what he sings. You are left with the feeling that he has insight on the world and has a lot to say. His voice is pleasant and well-thought out as if this were all very natural to him. The words he sings, though often social commentary or simply deep and insightful, never sound whiney or cynical, but instead sound knowing.

This album will be enjoyed by fans of folk musicians like Patty Griffin, Colin Hay and Ray LaMontagne, as well as more pop-oriented musicians like John Mayer, Howie Day and Jason Mraz. It has a universal likeability and charm that will most certainly take him far.

Written by: Anne Corrigan, February 20th 2007