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Bunny Love Kit

There’s something to be said for a sex toy that intimidates your boyfriend. Upon seeing the Rabbit Habit in the Bunny Love Kit, my partner looked at me and said, “Well, it’s finally happened. I’m officially outdated and have been replaced by technology. There’s no way I can do all of that.” Luckily for him, I don't expect him to.

Technology has come a long way, indeed, and the Bunny Love Kit has all of the makings for a night (or day… or weekend… or…) of intense and mind-blowing self-satisfaction. Aside from the Rabbit Habit, the kit includes a four-ounce bottle of BabeLube, two Babeland condoms, batteries (!!) and Babeland Toy Cleaner (because taking care of your toy is essential to its longevity, and your vaginal health!). And it all arrives in a cute gift box, complete with tissue paper and a Babeland ribbon that extols the virtues of an active sex life.

So, does ‘bunny love’ live up to the hype? Absolutely! There’s a reason this vibe has found its way into pop culture media, appearing as a central plotline on Sex and the City and in the pages of many popular and indie mags (Oprah Magazine, Self, Glamour, Jane, Venus Zine, Bitch). And on YouTube, Alexyss K. Tylor’s Vagina Power talk has spawned a very funny music video that remixes Tylor's comments about the Rabbit. No other sex toy has yet to receive such accolades.

Still unsure? There’s only one way to find out. Add the Bunny Love Kit to your wish list, and decide for yourself! There ain't nothing wrong with a little experimentation, folks.

Written by: Mandy Van Deven, November 21st 2007

Replaced by technology - LOL! We'll have to check this out.