Elevate Difference

Lovers and Crypts

Straight outta Brooklyn, New York, Bunny Rabbit is a sound that is to be forgotten, at best. The music is drab and the beats predictable. Vocally, this is a woman who portrays herself as a sex object, who believes her only value is in being used for sex and nothing more. Where she is unable to actually write viable lyrics, she chose to fill in the empty space with obscenities that perpetuate the stereotype that women have nothing of power to offer but bitchiness and easy sexual conquest. Instead of choosing to uplift women in the rap/dance/electronica genré, she chooses to feed into the lowest common denominator and screams “my pussy” as often as the monotonous and mundane beats will allow. She downplays other women and steals their personal power in order to justify her lack of true talent and love for her fellow feminists and women in the business.

In the song, “Saddle Up,” she tries desperately to emulate a baby girl voice that she, in her complete step out of reality, assumes that men and women both find cute and sexy. The lyrics are obscene and have no value whatsoever. Even the beats behind lend no credibility to a song that, even with professional help, could never be a hit in the most remote dance clubs anywhere other than North Brooklyn.

Instead of trying to showcase any measure of talent and propriety, she chooses to become more and more insulting and gutter-mouthed to other females, whom she feels are not "up to her standard." Truthfully, the women she is insulting wouldn’t cast a second glance at her personally or professionally. She is, once again, perpetuating the myth of sexual domination in her simply grotesque song "Pussy Queen."

This Bunny Rabbit should be shot and put out of her misery, and ours. I would sooner listen to the KKK Christmas Carol Bonanza. Ladies, this is NOT an example we want for our youthful upcoming generation. If you are looking for music to really dance to and enjoy, look past this one. You will be glad you did.

Written by: Karen Morris, March 31st 2007

I think Bunny Rabbit is awesome. I don't care what you think.

I think the reviewer is taking Bunny Rabbit much more seriously than the band takes itself. Bunny Rabbit is clearly a joke, playing on stereotypes and pushing them to odious extremes that anyone must be absolutely brain dead to take seriously. Instead, I find this article actually enforces a more serious stereotype women, especially feminists, today face which is a lack of humor and/or treatment of themselves as victims. It is really hard to want to classify oneself as a feminist, pushing for freedom and the voice of women, and also consider oneself along the lines of people like this who actually perpetuate hate of its own kind. The irony here is that this "feminist" is not only degrading the success of, but wishing death upon another woman. Literally, in the same breath, the author criticizes Bunny Rabbit for "downplay[ing] other women" and goes on to say that she has a "lack of true talent and love for her fellow feminists and women in the business". Can you please tell me how this is showing respect for a woman that is in the entertainment industry, whose motives for her record are to do just that: entertain? I am embarrassed reading this because it is so obviously hypocritical. I am sorry that anyone should waste their time reading anything so self-defeating and ignorant.

you're review is super '70's. this lady should be shot. that said i think bunny rabbit is obviously not for kids under that age of 14. but there real gems on this cd that are valuable and culturally relevant.

Wow, speaking as a young feminist, you are very out of touch. I happen to find Bunny Rabbit's music (or more accurately, the music she and her partner produce) empowering and complicated. Goodbye, Indigo Girls!

First, the beats on "Lovers and Crypts" are awesome.Bunny Rabbit is not "perpetuating the myth of sexual domination." Instead, you are perpetuating the myth that feminists are totally literal and totally angry: "Bunny Rabbit should be shot and put out of her misery" is a ridiculous mean thing to say. Plus, you don't really mean it, which is hypocritical because you seem to think she means exactly what she says.You think she really means all that stuff in her songs? It can't be ironic? It can't be interesting just for the sake of what she has to say let alone if she means it or not?some musicians fill their songs with ideologies and points of view they don't necessarily subscribe to.WILE OUTWILE OUTWILE OUTWILE OUThppynoodlboy this post has been modified by the FR moderator to remove abusive language