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Butter Cream Salve

The butter cream salve by Suki promises to relieve dry skin with natural ingredients and prevent further damage. They tout it working on everything from dry elbows to eczema and stretch marks. As I have no dry elbows, my eczema is currently under control and I lack stretch marks, I’m basing my review of this product on how well it healed my dry hands after working in a coffee shop all night.

The salve works like ointment, and has a medicinal, greasy feel to it – much like Neosporin. However, after it’s on there’s a slight cool, tingling feeling that’s refreshing. The salve even smells like mint. After a few minutes of soaking in, it feels less like grease or medicine and more like lotion and much more tolerable.

The trick to using this salve is to use small doses. A tiny sample pack has more than enough to treat several dry spots of skin. While my hands definitely felt softer and smoother after using the salve, I did not think the product worked any better than other lotions I’ve used before. However, the smell alone sold me. It was soothing enough that I’d want to use it over and over again yet not so over powering that I got sick of it.

Written by: Katie Peoples, March 11th 2007