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Butterfly Large Journal

I have had a love affair with journals for as long as I can remember. I love to collect beautifully designed journals—the top shelf of the bookcase in my home office has almost twenty journals that I gathered during high school and college. Now, I have a new favorite to add to my collection.

The butterfly journal by Oberon Design is incredibly well-crafted. The large version is nine inches in length by six and a half inches in width, with the paper sized at eight and a half inches by five and a half inches. The journal has a metal knob on the front with a butterfly and a leather tie that wraps around it to close. The purple leather has a matching etching, front and back, of a butterfly with black detailing. The pages inside the journal are white and do not have any lines.

The best part about this journal is the paper is replaceable: the inside of the butterfly journal is a plain black hardcover journal, which is placed into the leather sleeve. This means that when you fill up the original journal, you replace it with a new one (Oberon Design sells blank book inserts for $7.75 each). Since the leather is thick and the stitching is very tight, it can take some effort to remove and insert the inner book.

Oberon Design includes a small insert with the journal about caring for the leather. A few tips include keeping the journal out of direct sunlight, not using chemicals or solvents on the leather to clean, and removing any marks by lightly wiping with a clean eraser or a water-dampened cotton cloth. The journal is incredibly sturdy and looks like it will last for years. For journal lovers and prolific writers, the butterfly journal is a good investment that will look fantastic on a bookshelf and when it is being used.

Written by: Elizabeth Stannard Gromisch, February 14th 2010

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