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Cacao Nibs

When my Cacao Nibs arrived in the mail, I was entertaining some friends who were visiting. When they saw the arduous task ahead of me – reviewing chocolate – they kindly offered their assistance in testing the product. And they tested it very thoroughly – the four little tins were almost empty by the time they left.

Made by sweetriot, a company dedicated to social responsibility, these pure Cacao Nibs are dipped in varying flavors of chocolate. Flavor 50 is dunked in 50% chocolate, giving it a flavor reminiscent of milk chocolate (although these are all dairy-free). Flavor 65 is dipped in 65% chocolate, giving it an intense dark chocolate taste. Flavor 70 is mixed with espresso, combing two of my favorite tastes, and Flavor 70 cher is flavored with cherry. These delicious chocolates come in fun, colorful little tins, which fit perfectly in your purse for a chocolate fix on the go. They even come with little fortunes inside!

Written by: Beeb Ashcroft, May 15th 2007

How much does the chocolate cost? How can one order some? They sound GREAT. I am stone broke, but the description, in this review, makes me WANT some! But how much does it cost???