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Carnival Diabolique Perfume Oil

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is the purveyor of assorted lotions, potions, and oils. Carnival Diabolique arrived in a small amber vial. Seeing as I was about to go to an event that I suspected would be attended by an individual with whom I have been flirting sporadically, but who apparently lacks the insight to realize that I am instantly and entirely adorable, I decided to test the allure potential of the concoction. I twisted off the black cap and applied sploshes behind my ears, on my nape, wrists, behind the knees, ankles, belly, top of mons pubis, and a dollop in my belly button. I probably reeked of opium smoke, lemon flower, tuberose, heliotrope and black musk.

Upon arrival, said individual held the door open, greeted me civilly, and promptly walked over to another female and planted two long ones on her as a greeting. A fellow guest squeezed my shoulder in sympathy. Don’t you love small, public communities? I wanted to flee, but soldiered on, confident that I smelled fantastic, and made it through the evening with only one bummed cigarette and a single bitchy comment. Get something at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab if only to support such a lavishly designed and well-written website. Perhaps their products serve as soul-saving repellents to tasteless dorks.

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, April 27th 2007

These scents smell very interesting...I am sorry you didn't have a better night...but at least you smell good...

It is indeed Carnival Diabolique. I beg your pardon. The notification e-mail and the actual product differed. And a week later, the dork in question was most contrite and solicitous at another event. May run into him tonight. We'll see.Erika

Ummm...I just posted a comment earlier about how the scent you reviewed could in no way be the lab's boomslang, since it smells like cocoa and vanilla. What happened?

Erika, from your description, it wasn't Boomslang you wore to your ill-fated event. Boomslang is Snake Oil (a blend of Indonesian oils with sugared vanilla) with with cocoa, teakwood, rice milk. No tuberose, no smokey opium, no lemon flower, etc. I personally don't care for Boomslang (I don't like the cocoa note for myself) but Snake Oil is quite the man magnet. Perhaps you should give BPAL at least one more try -- but this time why don't you order an imp-pack in varying notes to try instead of whole bottles?

I love me some black pheonix alchemy, so I must lovingly correct your identification of the notes in Boomslang. which is cocoa abosolute, vanilla and spices.Your description of opium smoke, lemon flower, etc. listed all the notes in another b.p.a.l. scent called Carnival Diabolique. Which is the bottle I spy at the very right in your posted photo.The two smell completely different from each other, one being lemon and flowers, the other vanilla and cocoa. Both wicked sexy though!