Elevate Difference


Upon listening to the debut full-length album by Tokyo, Japan’s Caroline, one is immediately mesmerized by her ability to invite you inwards through mere Murmurs. The mishmash of an album, created with a mishmash of instruments – including live acoustic guitars, pianos, and percussions, none of which were samples – helped blend and synthesize a subtle electronic pop with lyrics that haunt you in its quietness, channeling similar artists of ambiance, Icelandic princess Bjork and Múm. Part electronica, part etheral pop, Caroline is full of sentiments, embracing the sweetness of emotion, exploring the inner depths of pain, hope, despair and anger, not only through her calming vocal harmonies, but through transcending musical genres. Beginning with "Bicycle," Caroline begins her journey to the heart, introducing the listener to her childhood love, as trumpets guide you to her dream world, with the following tracks, driven by an orchestra that reminds you what she’s long forgotten. "Where’s My Love" found itself critical praise, as her single pulls on every hopeless romantic’s heart, longing for love. The following tracks are lined with electronic beats pulling you into darker territory as the pace speeds up with "Pink and Black," through distortion and synthesizers. As she finishes her journey, the listener realizes that her story hasn’t ended, but rather, just unfolded as her lullaby fades out. The album is much recommended for those who enjoy soothing explorations of love mixed with its inconsistency and little surprises.

Written by: Vina Tran, December 8th 2006