Elevate Difference

Lake Bottom LP

The strong and lovely voices of the Chapin Sisters offer a raw, deep-down quality to Lake Bottom LP. Listeners who have ever found themselves betrayed by a lover will relate; a theme of troubled love runs through all eleven tracks. The sisters sing about temptation, jealousy, promises kept and broken, loneliness, and longing. Of course, the approach is not feeble or helpless. Rather, honesty and courage abound as needs are identified and communicated, and true feelings and desires are brought to the surface and proudly declared.

The main message is not anti-man or anti-lover; it’s actually very pro-self. The variety of music styles makes this album especially fun to listen to. Lilting harmonies and heartfelt lyrics result in an ear-catching mix of songs. The desperate, begging pleas of “Kill Me Now” complement selections like the catchy (but still melancholy) “Shady River" - the chorus of which stayed with me for days. While this is a perfect post-breakup album, it will be equally appreciated by those not in the midst of heartbreak drama. If you haven’t had a chance to give the Chapin Sisters a listen yet, be sure to check out Lake Bottom LP for a thorough taste of their style.

Written by: Amanda Moss, July 26th 2008