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Chipotle Habanero Hot Sauce

“Healthy, wealthy, and wise.” I was hoping to achieve three out of three, but it now appears that I'd be lucky to hit one. However, you want to make a choice that is smart, economical, and health-conscious, it is time to consider the lowly legume. 

Everyone's on the lookout for cheap protein. Some favor black beans—my favorite version is a Cuban-style soup garnished with diced red onions and sour cream. Michael's Uptown Café of Bloomington, Indiana always got the cumin just right. With lentils, you can go for a palette of Indian seasonings, or Middle Eastern, or for the ham-tolerant, a hearty Central European presentation. (If you're feeling decadent, use leeks instead of onions, and a tablespoon or so of white wine vinegar adds some edge.) 

It's just not chili unless it has kidney beans, and some include garbanzos. This winter I experimented with a Cincinnati version that used cocoa—a bit on the molé side—and found that my personal favorite remains a smoky, building, heat. One just like the balance of the piquant and the butt-kicking found in Natural Value's Chipotle Habanero hot sauce.

In addition to hot sauce to add to taste, you could garnish a chili made of Natural Value products with some of their black olives, and even cook up the entire batch from their selection of canned goods and spices. This site offers a wide array of 'green' and organic products, so the equipment for washing up afterwards is also available. The founders aspire to offer items for all aspects of life at reasonable prices. Indeed, I am frequently struck by the potential elitism of the slow and organic foods movements. For those with neither time nor money, procuring and preparing high-grade relatively unprocessed foodstuffs is unrealistic. Fortunately, Natural Value offers an alternate means of achieving a healthy cupboard.  For those who want to avoid non-union luxury grocery stores and mega-marts, or possibly order in bulk for a food co-op, Natural Value is a natural choice.

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, June 15th 2009