Elevate Difference

Chocolate Body Treats

Buddhism instructs us that suffering is caused by desire. Alright, I have established that I desire chocolate. I can consume it copiously and repeatedly. With utter abandon, and complete abandonment of moderation and concern for my health. I can consume chocolate indoors, outdoors, in the kitchen, from the nightstand, at the theater; while trudging down the sidewalk, operating a motor vehicle, or taking the train. In the park, at work, at play, in celebration and commiseration. While I prefer fine dark chocolates, I will occasionally compromise my standards to include “Whatever is in front of me.”

Coco-Zen, a woman-owned company, invites us to "Experience oneness with chocolate," and while I would be delighted to apply this injunction via their truffles, they also offer a variety of chocolate personal care products: a chocolate lip gloss, edible lip scrub, a salt everything-else scrub, lotion, and soap. The soap is well-scented, but does not lather, and the aroma does not linger—a positive, given the temptation to nibble your cuticles afterwards. The gloss applies well and does not have a greasy or tacky film. The scrub? My biceps now smell like bon bons. Did the Buddha eat chocolate? I must meditate upon this as I smack my newly exfoliated lips in contemplation of all the temptations that there are to transcend. Pain ends when craving ends, when you escape want. I wish that I could recall precisely how the Enlightened One proposed this achievement, but for now, I wouldn't mind a piece of chocolate.

Written by: Erika Mikkalo, May 19th 2009

Thanks -- let me know if you hear of any paid writing gigs. "Will free-associate for food." (Or lip balm.)

Erika, your reviews are the best.