Elevate Difference


The intro of Dryland softly walks us into the quiet genius of Chris Pureka. She gracefully takes us through ordinary, heartbreaking, scenarios and conversations, beginning with “These Pages,” in which she perfectly describes a painful encounter with a past lover. Pureka even tackles the subject of death – a hard subject to cover without cliché, but there is not a hint of the trite in “So It Goes,” accompanied with a banjo-driven sweeping melody that will bring tears to your eyes.

Pureka’s voice has this tremulous, ephemeral quality that will make you stop breathing and listen closely and her guitar playing is as steady as an oncoming train, but ten times as gentle. Lyndell Montgomery, of Ember Swift fame, makes a guest appearance on “Momentary Thief,” adding the perfect touch of intensity with bass and violin. If you are a Gillian Welch fan, you will be far from disappointed with Pureka’s rendition of “Everything is Free.” The title track, “Dryland,” falls at the end, taking us out with just Pureka’s guitar and vocals, highlighting her lyrical mastery, subtly gorgeous voice and the structural simplicity that allows it all to shine through.

Written by: Shana Scudder, March 11th 2007

Yes! I loved this album almost as much as, if not more than her previous album Driving North. I work at a bookstore, and everytime we play this cd, someone asks "Who is this?" and we inevitably sell at least one copy. Nice review.